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Spiragenics - Basic & Advanced Workshops
with Ryszard Stelmach
From Stress, Pain and Limitation, by Moving and Exercising your Whole Body/Being
the Way it is truly designed:– with Effortless Ease, Elegance and Efficiency.
“Discover the Missing Link and Movement that Changes Everything”
Once you begin to experience this new way of moving you will be amazed at how simple and easy it can be, to Free Yourself from all kinds of stress, pain, movement restrictions and any kind of limitation in your life.
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“Take the Next Step it May Be Your Best Move Yet”
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Spiragenics & SS GC March 2019
Spiragenics & SS GC 2 March 2019
Spiragenics Weekend Seminar Mandurah April 2019
Spiragenics Weekend Seminar Mandurah 2 April 2019
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