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Soulhart Music
Original / Inspirational Music, Song & Chant
“Let the Music Inspire, Uplift and Heal You”
Soulhart Music
Ryszard is an inspirational soul singer/musician who writes from the heart and sings from the soul. He has played and sung with his acoustic guitar over the years at various spiritual /healing festivals, spiritual churches, retreats, weddings, restaurants and special events / functions.

He also weaves the magic of his original and inspirational heart and soul songs with sacred chants from many spiritual traditions in an event he calls - "Soul Harmony."

Ryszard is also available as an Inspirational Performing Artist playing and singing his original Heart and Soul Songs at your next function or special event.

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Playing in Natures Tuning 432 Hz
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Soul Symphony
Soul Symphony is a celebration of singing inspirational Heart and Soul Songs, Toning and Chanting the Divine Names of God from a variety of spiritual traditions. It is an invitation to reconnect and re-attune yourself within the context of a Sacred Space to your Divine Essence.

In yoga the repetition of Gods Name is known as Mantra Yoga in Sufism it is called Zikr or remembrance of God. In the Christian tradition it is known as Worship or Hymns of Praise. The idea is that through repeating a Divine Name such as God, Allah, Jehova, Jesus, Krishna, Brahma …. especially in the original ancient language such as Aramaic, Arabic, Sanskrit, Hebrew…… each word holds a powerfull vibrational frequency, which when sung or spoken has a powerful healing, clearing and protective effect.

The sound vibration can put you back in touch with the primordial sound current of creation itself. The Hindus believe this to be the sound of Aum (Om) whilst the Sufis believe it to be the sound of Hu. Soul Chant is a time when we can all journey together on the sonic wings of Love to meet the Beloved.

When there is a group harmony and resonance created through the power of intention and sound, the result is an unforgettable and life enhancing experience.
“The Song which can inspire
the listener to the love of God,
is the Real Song"

Al Ghazali.
“This beautiful gift that you share touched our hearts and souls deeply.
To be filled with your music is to be taken to another realm
of truth, purity and even bliss” Paul & Susanne - Byron Bay
"How is Soul Symphony different
from traditional chanting?”
Soul Symphony embraces all of these spiritual pathways and brings in an original contemporary component to the mix – namely Ryszard's original and inspirational songs. Each song is a message song ie of Letting Go, Doing what you Love, Taking a Leap of Faith or remembering that God is Always with You…..

These songs touch the heart. For instance one song called Soul 2 Soul leads into a Tibetan Chant of Om Mani Padme Hung while another song called Oh Life leads into a Sanskrit Chant of Om Shanti Om. Each spiritual mantra / chant, I prefer to use the term "Soul-tra" now touches and vibrates the soul.

This sound vibration becomes a potent form of healing medicine or vibrational healing known as "Soul o Pathy" – a Spiritual form of homeopathy. As we raise the sonic vibrations through the Songs and Soultras each individual receives their perfect potency or vibrational healing mix for the session..
"Is Meditation Involved"?
Just by participating in a Soul Symphony a natural type of effortless meditation can be experienced without the need to sit still or be silent.

Actually after each song and soultra there is a silent pause or gap which allows you to soak in the healing vibrations. This naturally induces a state of heightened consciousness which can lead to a more dynamic state of meditation rather than passive meditation.

Through the aperture of silence and sound you are also encouraged to enter into the Divine Surrender mode where you can move or be moved and sing or be sung as the Spirit (not ego) moves you.

The intention and result of an evening with Ryszard singing his soul songs and playing his acoustic guitar is the experience of a Soul Symphony . A joyous celebration of like minded souls coming together in a universal format of prayer, worship, meditation, contemplation and unity. It is simply “Soulsational."
Ryszard's Original Songs
1) Let Go and Let God
2) Breath of the Beloved
3) Feel the Feeling
4) Soul Tango -
5) Just a Little -
Soul Symphony Events
Regular Events are held in South East Qld and Byron Bay area. You can organize a group at your home, centre or special event.

From 1-2 Hours or
Extended into a 1/2 Day Workshop
Next Soul Symphony Live Event
FRIDAY 22nd MARCH 7pm - 9.00pm
99 Mallawa Dr, Palm Beach

Cost: $15.00 or $10.00 Concession (At Door)
Bookings and Confirmation Essential

Phone: Ryszard 0410 948 274 / Email: spiragenics@yahoo.com
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