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Spiragenics – Movement of Life Meditation
“Let Your Life Become a Daily Spontaneous Meditation
and Way of Endless Gratitude and Infinite Joy”
Keys to Awakening and Actualising Your Unlimited Potential
and Divine Soul Essence.
Attuning your Body intelligence to the Universal Intelligence
This phase of Spiragenics will spiral you into a new dimension and domain of movement that is spontaneous and intuitive. This is the movement of your inner Whole (Holy) Spirit your Essential Self. In Yoga it is known as Sahej Simram Yoga -the Yoga of Spontaneous Surrender.

It is a Whole Brain, Body and Being Movement. NB. How the word Spirit has the root word Spir(e) in spiral and in-spir(e)-ation. This movement phase is like a Spiritual Exercise, a Moving Meditation for your Soul, which cannot be taught by an outside teacher. It can only be learnt through a process of deep inner attunement to the Universal Intelligence and Life Energy from within you.

So rather than learning, the process is one of unlearning and letting go of any old limiting concepts, beliefs and ways that interfere with the free flow of Universal Energies moving through you.

This phase takes you beyond form to tap you into the formless essence of a deeper holographic reality of movement. This is the Spirit of Movement and the Movement of Spirit. It is to move in Harmony with all of Life and your Whole Being.
“Discover the Missing Link to Meditation -
the Movement
of Life - Spirit"
The Movement of Spirit
This Whole Body/Brain/Being state of allowing the inner Movements of the Universal Life Energy to flow freely through your Whole Being, opens up an exquisitely simple and profound access into the very Heart and Source of the Universal Prime Creative Intelligence - the very Pulse and Movement of Life.

As you allow the inner workings and movement of Spirit and the Spiral Movements within your Whole Being, a spontaneous process of Integration, Purification, Healing and Transformation begins to take place.

Eventually your whole life can become a Living Moving Meditation and Total Expression of your Creative Essence and Genius. This is the Goal of Spiragenics, to spiral you from the pathway of separation and struggle to the Spiral Pathway of Wholeness, of Transcendence (ending the trances) and Cell -abration of your Individuality and Unity with All of Life.
Spiragenics – The Invitation
If you still feel there is something missing in the way you are currently moving, exercising and meditating, then I invite you to experience Spiragenics – the new movement revolution and meditation revelation for the new millennium.

This totally holistic movement integration and meditation system will introduce you into a deeper and more profound way of moving, exercising and meditating than you could ever have possibly imagined.
Classes and Ongoing Weekly Meditation Sessions
  • LEARN the Essential Keys to Integrated Movement/ and Meditation.
  • ENHANCE your inner Intuition and Connection to your Body Mind & Universal Intelligence.
  • Learn a new dynamic and moving form of spontaneous meditation for your whole being, which is inspired from within.
  • ENJOY greater Peace of Mind, Health and Happiness.
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