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Spiragenics – Movement Integration
& Longevity Exercises (SMILE)
“Are You Moving in Harmony or Harming Yourself?”
from Stress, Pain and Limitation
By Moving and Exercising Your Whole Body/Being the way it is truly designed:–
with Effortless Ease, Elegance and Efficiency.
A Movement Foundation For Life
Spiragenics is a holistic movement integration, re-education and rejuvenation system that works on all levels of your Being - Body, Mind and Soul.

It provides you with a movement foundation for life which enables you to move, exercise, meditate and do Yoga with your whole Body and Being the way it is designed - with Effortless Ease, Joy and NO PAIN.

Most of us are unaware of this invisible spiral pathway of movement, because it has been hidden through years of movement and postural misuse, bad habits and stress. Every time you stand, sit, walk, stretch or do exercise, without the right movement foundation you are unconsciously creating stress and harming your body.
Blue Nautalis
“Discover the Missing Link and Movement that Changes Everything.”
Natures Spiral Movement Pathway
Most people are completely unaware or unconscious of the real harmful effects their everyday movements have on them. In fact they are completely shocked and flabbergasted when they are muscle tested doing simple movements like getting in and out of a chair or getting up and down from the floor especially when their previously strong indicator muscle weakens from the stress and exertion of the movement.

The same dejected faces however immediately lighten up when they are shown how to do the same movements in a different way following the body’s natural spiral movement pathway. The muscles now stay strong and previously weakened muscles also become stronger. It seems that our body’s already have an inbuilt movement operating system and preference that supports the movement of natures spiral movement pathways.

When we follow our innate and intuitive movement impulses and move according to the way our body’s are designed, then a new level of higher ordering and functioning becomes possible. We can now start rising or ascending on the infinite movement continuum of life towards greater levels of integration, connectedness, wellness, freedom and unending joy.
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Moving through Natures Spiral Pathway from Standing to Sitting
A New Movement Paradigm
Spiragenics “works” because it encourage greater sensitivity and awareness for you to move and exercise in harmony with your Whole Being and the Whole Movement of Life.

This new movement foundation for life, health and ease is what actually sets Spiragenics apart from all other movement and exercise systems still based on the old paradigm of “More Pain = More Gain.” Most of us are unaware of this invisible way of movement, because it has been hidden through years of movement and postural misuse, bad habits and stress. This is why every time you stand, sit, walk, stretch, exercise or do yoga, without the right movement foundation you are unknowingly creating stress, pain and harming your body.

Spiragenics “Spiral Movement” provides your body with the movement nutrition your body is constantly craving but hardly ever receives due to the imposition of faulty movement programs and a movement virus that slowly erodes the life giving nourishment and support of your organic and orgasmic spontaneous movement potential.
Aging Gracefully
Movement Freedom and Harmony
Learning How to move in harmony with your whole Body/Being and the movement of Life is the art and goal of Spiragenics, which as the name suggests - is a new genesis (GENICS), foundation or beginning for moving in harmony with natures spiral (SPIRA) movement pathway.

This is like getting the owners movement manual that will allow you to stand and sit on a chair, get up and down off the floor and exercise with a new found ease and freedom that you never before thought possible.

Once you begin to experience this new way and feeling of pleasurable movement, you will be amazed at how simple and easy it can be, to Free Yourself from all kinds of stress, pain, movement restrictions and limitation in your life.

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Moving through Natures Spiral Pathway from Standing to Sitting
Classes / Workshops & Individual Lessons
  • LEARN the Essential Keys to Integrated Movement/ Meditation and Exercise.
  • ENHANCE your inner Intuition and Connection to your Body Mind Intelligence
  • DEVELOP a deeper level of Sensory and Postural Awareness.
  • FREE YOUR BODY from stress, pain and limitation
  • ENJOY greater Peace of Mind, Health and Happiness.
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NB: An Intro to the Movement of Life Meditation also included

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