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Spiragenics - Integration Facilitation and Kinesiology
“A Gentle, Non Invasive form of Body-Mind Integration Therapy”
from Stress, Pain and Limitation
Body-Mind Integration & Healing
The Spiragenics Integration Facilitation opens the doorway to the profound Healing Power of Touch and Whole Presence / Being Connection.

This gentle hands on type of Body Work, Massage, Movement Re-Education and Healing Process, totally supports and encourages you to let go and release the deeper layers of stress and accumulated dysfunctional holding patterns, held at your body’s cellular level.

You are put back in touch with your own Body Mind Connection, as the neural pathways to higher communication, with your inner Feelings and Spirit – your Essence is restored, allowing deeper Healing and Integration to occur.

The Integration Facilitation process is totally individualized with a person laying on a table with comfortable loose clothing. It totally supports all the other phases of Spiragenics and can be utilized as a separate -"Therapy - Healing - Integration" treatment.
Kinesiology - "Your Body Doesn't Lie"
The basic art and premise of Kinesiology - Muscle Bio-Feedback Checking is the instantaneous response you can receive from your Body – via the Neuro Muscular System. The results can be very revealing and helpful to ascertain and answer many complex questions regarding Body Mind Balance and the issues causing stress, illness and disease states.

It's a great way to discover and uncover the underlying causal issues behind your Health, Learning and ongoing Physical / Emotional Stress Issues and Pain.
Classes / Workshops & Individual Sessions
  • LEARN the Essential Keys to Spiragenics - Integration Facilitation and Kinesiology.
  • FREE YOUR BODY from stress, pain and limitation
  • ENJOY greater Peace of Mind, Health and Happiness.
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