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Enjoy Better Health, Harmony & Freedom of Movement
Holistic Health Solutions for Your Whole Being:
Body – Mind & Soul
with Ryszard (Rishard) Stelmach
SPIRAGENICS is a Creative Holistic Healing and Movement Integration System for Your Whole Being. It is a new genesis (GENICS), foundation or beginning for moving in harmony with natures spiral (SPIRA) movement pathway or Spirit. Thus Spiragenics is primarily about re-attuning yourself to the primal source of creation and moving in total harmony with nature and the way your body is truly designed to move.

This Spiral Movement Pathway opens up a fundamentally New Way of Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Transformation, Therapy and Holistic Exercise, which is in alignment with the accelerated nature of world changes and consciousness. It is the effortless path, the path of least resistance that will propel you from the life pathway of imitation, struggle and stress to your authentic path of following your true purpose and passion with ease and joy.

Spiragenics offers a multi-dimensional synthesis which allows you to move from a life pathway of struggle and pain, to the higher levels on life’s spiral movement continuum to more Pleasure, Joy and Peak Performance.

There are 4 Phases or Levels of Experiencing and Learning Spiragenics plus a Facilitator Training.
RS 1
“In Every Moment You Are Either Moving In Harmony, or Harming Yourself”
Spiragenics – Movement Integration
& Longevity Exercises (SMILE)
Phase 1:
Will introduce you to...
  • The Essential Keys to Integrated Movement and Holistic Exercise.
  • Enhancing your inner Intuition and Connection to your Body Mind Intelligence
  • Developing a deeper level of Sensory and Postural Awareness.
  • The Spiral Movement Flow Pathway
  • The 7 Primary Postures
Discover how Movement / Exercise in your every day life, will either keep you connected and energized or disconnected, stressed and continually in pain.

You will Learn Simple, Practical, Powerful Tools , Strategies for Transforming your daily stress into Success and for Moving in Harmony with your Whole Being and Life.
Spiragenics – Movement of Life Meditation
Phase 2:
By moving in Harmony with the original blueprint and design of your Body and Being, a New Awareness and Consciousness begins to arise and function effortlessly and spontaneously from within you.

Spiragenics – the Movement of Life Meditation Process will begin to attune you to the movements of your inner Soul Essence, and put you back in touch with your natural and inherent movement potential of spontaneity, play and freedom, you once had as a child.
Spiragenics – Emotional Integration & Freedom
Phase 3:
Will introduce you to the Power of your Emotional Intelligence and how you can develop a state of Emotional Integrity and Balance.

We move away from the traditional therapy model of getting caught in the story content and pendulum of repressing / expressing emotions, to a more holistic and integrated model, of Allowing and Feeling Feelings. This brings you in touch with your deeper, more organic and Authentic Core Feelings of Love, Peace & Joy.
Spiragenics – Integration Facilitation with Kinesiology

Phase 4: Opens the doorway to the profound Healing Power of Touch and Whole Presence / Being Connection. This gentle hands on type of Body Work, Massage and Movement re-education process, totally supports and encourages you to let go and release the deeper layers of stress and accumulated dysfunctional holding patterns, held at your body’s cellular level.

The Integration Facilitation phase also includes Kinesiology – a Simple yet Powerful Bio-feedback tool, for accessing your Body’s Innate Wisdom and Intelligence. Kinesiology – Muscle Testing procedures are a great way to discover and uncover the underlying causal issues behind your Health, Learning and ongoing Physical / Emotional Stress Issues and Pain.

NB: The 4 Phases can be done in any order as well. So you may begin your Spiragenics Experience and Journey with an Individual Session with Ryszard, a Spiragenics Movement Class or thru the Spiragenics Meditation.

Why? Because Spiragenics is an open ended Holistic System that is suitable for Every Body and All Ages - young and old.

Facilitator Training

For those who wish to take Spiragenics further you can become a Certified Spiragenics Facilitator/Instructor. By completing the Facilitator Training Program, you will be able to teach Spiragenics.

“Life is Movement, Movement is Life and
Spiragenics is the Art of Moving in Harmony with Life”

“Spiragenics has connected me to my True
Inner Body Rhythm.

Even teachers of dance asked where I trained, as I was able to stretch, exercise and do my yoga with Effortless Ease and no further Back Pain.” - Nicole (Byron Bay)

“Profoundly Restorative. Spiragenics has given me back the Freedom I was born with” – Grace

“What greater joy, what greater learning can there be, than to be shown how to connect with God in every moment. This is the Grandeur of Spiragenics.”
Anna (Lismore)
“I have found the practice of Spiragenics to be
unlike any other body movement.

This workshop connected me to myself. I feel so peaceful, centered and open to an abundance of love and energy.” Andrea
Spira Montague
Your Birthright
"To live spontaneously, instinctually. To simply be. To say the right words without thinking them out ahead of time. To experience the purity of a mind uncluttered by troublesome and misplaced responsibility. To know exactly the right gesture, the right behaviour, the creative response for each and every situation. Such are the birthrights of each and every human.” Ken Carey—Starseed
3 Worlds of Movement
The 3 Worlds of Movement outlines the Spiragenics pathway and journey, where you can move from the Unconscious World of Movement (PAIN) to the higher level of the Conscious World of Movement (PLEASURE) to the yet higher levels of the Super Conscious World of Movement (BLISS). Most people are relegated to the Unconscious World of Movement by default, choice and by not having the sufficient tools and awareness to keep moving into the higher worlds of movement. Spiragenics gives you the tools and somatic awareness to move beyond the realms of unconscious movement and pain.
3 Worlds Color.4 jpg
Individual / Group Consultations, Classes,
Workshops & Skype Sessions
RS 1
with Ryszard (RISHARD) Stelmach
– Founder of Spiragenics
Holistic Health Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Integrated Body Worker / Masseur,
Meditation Teacher and Inspirational Soul Singer / Musician.
Rainbow Mountain Healing Centre
701 Tallebudgera Creek Road, Tallebudgera Valley, GOLD COAST, QLD 4228, AUSTRALIA
Workshops also held in Byron Bay, Brisbane
and Sunshine Coast

Inquiries to host a Free Introductory Talk and Demonstration and/or a Workshop in your area
and Center are Welcome.

Phone: 0410 948 274
Email: spiragenics@yahoo.com
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