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Spiragenics – Emotional Integration & Freedom
“Transforming your Body Chaos into Body Calm"
from Stress, Pain and Limitation
By Moving Beyond the Emotional Pendulum Continuum of Pain & Pleasure,
into the Essence Continuum of Love, Joy and Peace
From the Emotional to Essence Continuum
The Spiragenics Emotional Integration & Freedom process, opens up another window and doorway which will allow you to effortlessly let go of unresolved hurt feelings and create the healing bridge to your deeper authentic Feelings and Self.

It is through the process of Allowance and Acceptance, with No Intention of wanting to change, reframe or negate your underlying feelings and chaos that will spiral you, into the deeper underlying order of Essence.

Rather than repressing or even expressing feelings, which only keeps you stuck on the emotional continuum, you simply Feel your Feelings. This is an important first step which begins to unglue the trances and stuck states of our fragmented personality selves.
Golden Tree
the surface emotional conflicts and chaos,
is the deeper Calm and Peace
of your Essence.”
An Emotional Movement Inquiry
Once you have acknowledged and felt your feelings and made an inquiry into your emotional process, you can now include a Somatic Process. This takes you directly into your body, through a different structure and route from the above mental and feeling inquiry, which happens to be Movement!

This can be one of the most profound emotional integration experiences, because it takes you directly into your underlying somatic process or way you hold an emotional pattern in your body. This is looking more at the emotional structure and anatomy of emotion through the holographic lens of movement and postural awareness.

It gives you access into the underlying HOW of emotion instead of the Why. It takes you from a mental inquiry into a movement inquiry, which is what Emotion is. Energy in Motion – which you can either block (resist) or allow (flow). Blocked emotion always manifests as pain in the body.

Allowance of Emotion and Your Authentic Feelings lead to a Healthier and more Balanced Way of Living.
Changing your Physical and Emotional Posture
Achieving emotional integration and freedom is a cherished goal in many therapies and healing modalities. To find emotional balance in the midst of emotional chaos, stress and overwhelm, is something I’m sure everyone would like to achieve.

Through the Spiragenics Movement Integration & Longevity Exercises (SMILE), you are introduced into a new movement paradigm and awareness of moving in harmony with your whole body. Many students have found that as they practiced Spiragenics, there was not only a change in their physical posture, but their emotional posture and well being as well.

This is not surprising because of the intimate and holographic nature of our whole body and being. It is more difficult to be depressed when you are standing straighter and feeling more confident in your ability to move in a connected and more present way.
Moving from Pain to Pleasure to BLISS
"A Fundamental shift”
Sometimes students may have experienced a spontaneous and unexpected emotional release, triggered just by doing Spiragenics Movement Integration Exercises. This is yet another way of experiencing the Movement of Harmony, or another way of putting it Energy in Motion (E-motion). When it is released in a natural, gentle way it is a way of honoring and trusting in your body’s living process.

The beauty of Spiragenics is that it automatically begins to fundamentally shift your movement orientation from pain to pleasure and from pleasure to bliss. From forcing, changing or therapizing your emotions to being in a constant state of Allowing and Feeling your Feelings as they arise and subside within your body.

As you go deeper into the process of Spiragenics, you will find that it will touch all aspects of your Being, - your body, mind, emotions and your soul. This is very important and necessary, if we are to achieve higher levels of Integration, Balance, Awareness, Harmony and Health.
Classes / Workshops 1 Day & Individual Sessions 1 - 1/2Hrs
  • GAIN a clearer understanding and Awareness of your dysfunctional emotional states and your posture.
  • LEARN Simple and Powerful Tools such as the Body Calm Technique & Somatic Accordion Process for defusing and integrating negative emotional States.
  • ENHANCE your inner Intuition and Connection to your Body Mind / Emotional Intelligence
  • FREE YOUR BODY from stress, pain and limitation
  • ENJOY greater Peace of Mind, Health and Happiness.
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