A New Movement Integration Model


A New Movement Integration Model:

Moving off the Movement Pendulum of Pleasure and Pain

into Life’s Infinite Movement Continuum of Joy, Harmony & Freedom

The Search for Wholeness

The elusive journey and search for true movement integration and freedom has indeed been a long and arduous one. Throughout the ages and different cultures / civilisations, we have been left accounts of various systems of body/mind development as well as spiritual development. Each successive human evolutionary leap in consciousness also involved an adaptation to the way we moved and the way we functioned in our body’s according to the needs at the time. In the agrarian / farming ways which is still present today the body is subjected to more heavier physical work and demands such as lifting or carrying heavy objects, ploughing or digging fields, chopping trees and firewood etc….The industrial age saw the advent of machinery which made certain work easier, tractors for instance revolutionised and made farming methods much easier, where much more could be accomplished in shorter periods of time. Likewise the computer revolution has again made certain areas of work easier. As we have progressed intellectually and made life easier and more comfortable for ourselves we have correspondingly become more out of touch with our bodies natural and innate healing and self correcting or adjusting mechanisms. We are plagued with all types of postural dysfunctions, pain and movement limitations. A lifestyle of sedentary sitting and then over compensating our accumulated imbalances and habitual stressful habits through various movement/exercise regimes only pushes and polarizes us further over onto the experience where we are constantly trying to ” Move away from pain” or “”Move towards Pain”. This seemingly opposite yet contradictory movement is what keeps us stuck in limitation on the never ending and changing cycles of what I call the “Pendulum Movement Continuum of Pleasure and Pain”

The Back Pain Stress Epidemic

Even though we have evolved in many areas of technology, science and personal / spiritual development the movement arts we are still plagued with increasing bad or painful backs, posture and pain. The stress epidemic is huge as are all the technologies for releasing, transforming or getting rid of stress and pain. I’m sure you have tried many a method from allopathic – the pain killer tablets, surgery, braces, to the alternative or the more holistic methods for curing or healing yourself from some sort of body pain. These various methods can include – traditional therapy such as chiropractic, massage, yoga, acupuncture or the newer innovative somatic movement systems such as pilates, feldenkrais, Alexander or therapies such as polarity, rolfing, kinesiology etc……… Even with so many amazing new technologies, scientific advances, medical breakthroughs, new thought therapies, body work – back pain still remains the no 1 stress and reason for not going to work, compensation, stress. So what is the answer that so many of us have been searching for through our own personal journey and process of trying to free ourselves from pain and to regain a sense of sanity, of wholeness and peace again. To feel the sense of spontaneous joy and freedom of movement we once had as children.

The Pendulum Movement Continuum of Pleasure and Pain

The answer is to first become aware of how we get stuck and polarized on the pendulum movement of pleasure and pain and then learn how you can move off the ever swinging movement pendulum, to experience a totally new paradigm and dimension of moving in harmony with your whole body/being and the whole movement of life. As long as you function and continue to move from the pendulum movement continuum of pleasure or pain you will always be constantly swinging or moving away from PAIN to PLEASURE or NO PAIN and then moving back again towards PAIN and NO PLEASURE. NB This is illustrated on the Spiragenics Pendulum Movement Continuum. – see diagram A below.