A New Movement Integration Model


A New Movement Integration Model:

Moving off the Movement Pendulum of Pleasure and Pain

into Life’s Infinite Movement Continuum of Joy, Harmony & Freedom

The Search for Wholeness

The elusive journey and search for true movement integration and freedom has indeed been a long and arduous one. Throughout the ages and different cultures / civilisations, we have been left accounts of various systems of body/mind development as well as spiritual development. Each successive human evolutionary leap in consciousness also involved an adaptation to the way we moved and the way we functioned in our body’s according to the needs at the time. In the agrarian / farming ways which is still present today the body is subjected to more heavier physical work and demands such as lifting or carrying heavy objects, ploughing or digging fields, chopping trees and firewood etc….The industrial age saw the advent of machinery which made certain work easier, tractors for instance revolutionised and made farming methods much easier, where much more could be accomplished in shorter periods of time. Likewise the computer revolution has again made certain areas of work easier. As we have progressed intellectually and made life easier and more comfortable for ourselves we have correspondingly become more out of touch with our bodies natural and innate healing and self correcting or adjusting mechanisms. We are plagued with all types of postural dysfunctions, pain and movement limitations. A lifestyle of sedentary sitting and then over compensating our accumulated imbalances and habitual stressful habits through various movement/exercise regimes only pushes and polarizes us further over onto the experience where we are constantly trying to ” Move away from pain” or “”Move towards Pain”. This seemingly opposite yet contradictory movement is what keeps us stuck in limitation on the never ending and changing cycles of what I call the “Pendulum Movement Continuum of Pleasure and Pain”

The Back Pain Stress Epidemic

Even though we have evolved in many areas of technology, science and personal / spiritual development the movement arts we are still plagued with increasing bad or painful backs, posture and pain. The stress epidemic is huge as are all the technologies for releasing, transforming or getting rid of stress and pain. I’m sure you have tried many a method from allopathic – the pain killer tablets, surgery, braces, to the alternative or the more holistic methods for curing or healing yourself from some sort of body pain. These various methods can include – traditional therapy such as chiropractic, massage, yoga, acupuncture or the newer innovative somatic movement systems such as pilates, feldenkrais, Alexander or therapies such as polarity, rolfing, kinesiology etc……… Even with so many amazing new technologies, scientific advances, medical breakthroughs, new thought therapies, body work – back pain still remains the no 1 stress and reason for not going to work, compensation, stress. So what is the answer that so many of us have been searching for through our own personal journey and process of trying to free ourselves from pain and to regain a sense of sanity, of wholeness and peace again. To feel the sense of spontaneous joy and freedom of movement we once had as children.

The Pendulum Movement Continuum of Pleasure and Pain

The answer is to first become aware of how we get stuck and polarized on the pendulum movement of pleasure and pain and then learn how you can move off the ever swinging movement pendulum, to experience a totally new paradigm and dimension of moving in harmony with your whole body/being and the whole movement of life. As long as you function and continue to move from the pendulum movement continuum of pleasure or pain you will always be constantly swinging or moving away from PAIN to PLEASURE or NO PAIN and then moving back again towards PAIN and NO PLEASURE. NB This is illustrated on the Spiragenics Pendulum Movement Continuum. – see diagram A below.

What is Spiragenics


Moving in Harmony

Spiragenics  is a path of becoming a true integrated, emdodied and ensouled human being. A path with a soul and heart where one can be once again aligned and connected as a whole person with the living wholeness and process of life. It is a process of becoming re inspired to feel the movement and inspiritation of ones inner essence, spirit  and body coming alive in the symphony of  life’s living now moment. It is a way of moving in harmony with the natural spiral flow of life and the universe. A way to stop the endless harm we inflict on ourselves and others through our movements and emotions. A way of creating a new movement foundation and paradigm shift from unconscious linear movement of limitation to the ever expanding spacious spiraling conscious movement frequencies of freedom, ease and joy. A way which embraces and expands all of you – Body Mind and Spirit and allow you to experience and feel your authentic soul movement and voice from the deepest depths of your being.

 A Living Prayer

It is a way for you to connect to the living music and harmonies of your Body and Being. To be a witness to the miracle which is you a living testament to the creative life force and  intelligence from which all living bodies emerge and return to. To allow your life to become a living prayer and a sacred song that adds life to all who see and hear the music of your body and soul sing. To go beyond the limiting boundaries of personal, genetic, cultural and religious beliefs into a universal world and body view relevant to our times. Spiragenics is your spiritual odyssey your personal compass into the unchartered waters of your soul.  A way to release old limiting and harmful baggage of toxic emotions, parasitic movements  and the spiritual virus that inhibits our true spiritual growth into wholeness and wellbeing.

Above all Spiragenics offers a profound simplicity and a universal holistic movement /meditation mode that only enhances whatever system you may be following from the eastern forms of yoga, tai chi, meditation to the western forms of somatic education such as Feldenkrais, Alexander, aerobics, gym work and dance.

So How does it Work?

Spiragenics encourages a greater sensitivity and awareness to HOW you move and do things. Through a process of muscle bio feedback monitoring or muscle testing taken from elaborate techniques of Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health and One Brain you are shown how your every day movements are either harming or assisting in your body’s   integration and functioning. This is revealed by a a strong – integrated muscle response if the movements are in Harmony, or a weakened – non integrated muscle response if the movements are harming you.

“In every moment you are either Moving in Harmony or Harming Yourself.”

Spiragenics provides a new platform or foundation of harmony that supports your higher levels of integration and functioning.

Natures Spiral Movement Pathway

Most people are completely unaware or unconscious of the real harmful effects  their everyday movements have on them. In fact they are completely shocked and flabbergasted when they are muscle tested doing simple movements like getting in and out of a chair or getting up and down from the floor especially when their previously strong indicator muscle weakens from the stress and exertion of the movement. The same dejected faces however immediately lighten up when they are shown how to do the same movements in a different way following the body’s natural spiral movement pathway. The muscles now stay strong and previously weakened muscles also become stronger. It seems that our body’s already have an inbuilt movement operating system and preference that supports the movement of natures spiral movement pathways. When we follow our innate and intuitive movement impulses and move according to the way our body’s are designed, then a new level of higher ordering and functioning becomes possible.

De-Coding your Body’s Innate Feedback System

From this revelation gleaned from the body’s innate bio feedback process we can now ascertain the true value of any given movement, exercise or movement system such as yoga aerobics etc… The quality of  movement and any movement system, can now be evaluated from the pure 24 carat gold of authentic whole body brain being movement, right down to the 18 – 12 or 6 carat gold of movement imitation and limitation. With this new insight into the different movement quality values, we can start rising or ascending on the infinite movement continuum of life towards greater levels of integration, connectedness, wellness, freedom and unending joy. This is what is revealed in the body’s strong integrated muscle response as well as an overall improved tonus or toning of the muscles and ligaments to their corresponding bones and joints and an immediate improvement towards a more straighter aligned posture. However when we move against the flow of natures spiral pathway and the way our body’s are naturally designed to move – as revealed by a weakened muscle response, we create More Stress and are constantly harming ourselves without ever knowing why?

Movement Nutrition for your Body and Soul

This distinction between Movement Harmony and Harmful Movement, is what sets Spiragenics apart from all other movement, exercise and meditation systems. It also enables you to make a real choice as to the type and quality of movement or exercise which you know will be 100% beneficial for you. It’s a bit like the distinction and health benefits you get from eating an organic apple versus a chemically or genetically modified apple. There is a vast difference in taste and health benefits which of course your body immediately recognizes. Spiragenics “Spiral Movement” provides your body with the movement nutrition your body is constantly craving but hardly ever receives due to the imposition of faulty movement programs and a movement virus that slowly erodes the life giving nourishment and support of your organic and orgasmic  spontaneous movement potential.

Establishing the Right Movement Foundation

The result of these findings has resulted in the emergence of  Spiragenics a new holistic movement meditation integration system developed be Ryszard (Rishard)  Stelmach, that ensures we are always traversing upwards on natures liberating spiral movement pathway and not going downwards towards more stress, pain limitation and disease. This unfortunately is the place where most people find themselves in some chronic pain situation from which they endlessly are  trying to escape from. This is the never ending polarized horizontal movement continuum of Pleasure and Pain. The way out is to re-establish the “Right Movement Foundation” which is already inherent within every cell of your body and to choose the more effortless and joyous path of moving, exercising and meditating. It is to become  “spiragenetically modified” – to access natures spiral movement pathway which allows you to move in harmony and to stop harming yourselves. Once this fundamental step is taken you can then take the next step which is to access the vertical movement continuum of your inner soul essence and ride the finer and more subtler life giving and healing universal energies. This move spirals you into a new movement depth which opens a new doorway into your creative, intuitive and spontaneous expression which is your birthright as a human being.

En-Lightening your Movement Finger Print

        The Movement of Life Meditation Process

Movement is your fundamental expression your cosmic fingerprint which arises from who you are. It sets into motion whorls of thought and emotions. Because we never pay attention to the how of movement we miss the grandest movement experience of them all – to be moved by the very movement of life itself, into grander patterns of complexity, simplicity, harmony and beauty. To be entranced and danced by loves music and song which endlessly  entrains and entertains our bodies, hearts, minds and souls. Ah this is the gift we can only give to ourselves, but first we must be open to receive.

If by now you may be feeling a little curious and intrigued by this brief description  of Spiragenics then I invite you to come and join in the play and experience it for yourself. It just may be exactly what you are looking for but you haven’t quite found it just yet. As Lao Tsu once said

“The journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step”

I look forward to sharing some amazing insights and steps that could make your journey a little lighter and brighter.

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